Samata is a radio and podcast network operated jointly by the Samata team and survivors of gender-based violence and their allies, featuring content designed to empower women and change prevalent attitudes on gender and domestic violence. Samata’s programs will feature discussion groups, storytelling, and advice centered on violence against women. Samata recognizes that survivors of violence have a voice to be heard and can lead the path to change.

Samata’s mission is to stimulate dialogue and create shifts in culture to empower women. To do so, Samata employs existing technology, which is easily scalable, to provide a long-term platform for survivors to speak their mind, while providing an income source for survivors involved in the organization. More specifically, our approach uses both radio (older technology) and podcasts (online newer technology) to reach a broad swathe of listeners and supporters. Samata aims to adapt programming to local cultural contexts, disseminating programming in local languages.

Furthermore, an English-language website will serve as a central hub that will disseminate articles and podcasts. Samata aims to become self-sustaining over a short-span of time by leveraging the ad-generating commercial capacity of radio and podcasts to generate revenue while also soliciting donations through its English-language website. Not only is this approach simple in design, it is also scalable – capable of being expanded and adapted to countries in need of a safe space for survivors of gender-based violence.

Call for Contributors!

We are in the process of creating content and we want to invite guest contributors to share their work through our network.

What we’re looking for:

We are looking for material that is engaging, empowering, and informative. Contributions can be in the following formats:

  • Storytelling
  • Radio Documentary
  • Talk Radio
  • Interviews
  • Mini Serials

Content should be original works, informative and address general audience. Submissions should converted to .mp3 format. Submissions must include a blurb of less than 150 words,  links to references, and optional photographs that are relevant to content. Content providers may also provide a short personal bio for possible publication. One-time and regular submissions are welcome. Submissions will be edited and posted to samataradio.org.

What we can provide:

For contributors with no audio editing experience, our team can work with you to finalize a smooth and cohesive show. We will also provide feedback to tailor content to a general audience.

Samata will distribute your content through its established channels (Soundcloud, Samataradio.org), helping you connect with new listeners and broadening the impact of your creative content.  We will give you authorship/development credit on our website and may also provide a short bio and link to your own site on a discretionary basis. At present, content submission is strictly on a voluntary and unpaid basis.

Please note that by submitting your content to Samata, you retain the right to self-publish and distribute your original content. By submitting your content to Samata, you agree to refrain from submitting your content to other nonprofit or profit organizations. You also grant Samata the right to permanently edit, alter, and distribute your content through its proprietary channels, and to claim such content under the Samata brand both in the U.S. and internationally.

Send an email to samataradio@gmail.com expressing your interest!


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