Retitled, Ep.6: Michelle Staples-Horne

This is Retitled, a series in which I try to find people who work in women’s health and related fields. I’ll ask them why they entered into their profession, the impact their work has on women’s health, and discuss the issues around women in health, science, and society.

In this episode, I interview Dr. Michelle Staples-Horne, medical director for the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, a member of the board of directors for the academic consortium on criminal justice health, and former president of the Society of Correctional Physicians.

Dr. Staples-Horne talks about the challenges she faced being black and female in the workplace, how she made a career change while having a family, and how the corrections system became a steady source of healthcare for many young people in our communities.

  1. J. of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved: A Call to Develop Evidence-based Interventions to Reduce Sexually Transmitted Infections in Juvenile Justice Populations.
  2. CNN: “Jailhouse docs choose inmates over insurance”
  3. Women & Health Journal: Efficacy of an HIV/STI Sexual Risk-Reduction Intervention for African American Adolescent Girls in Juvenile Detention Centers: A Randomized Controlled Trial.


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