Happy International Women’s Day!

FlowersTo be honest, I hadn’t heard of this International Women’s Day until a college trip to Italy, where women traditionally receive yellow mimosa flowers. Not only was it nice to get flowers out of nowhere, I was delighted to learn that there was a day to celebrate women beyond Mother’s Day, since I felt that there were so many other amazing accomplishments made by women in addition to motherhood.

SamataRadio was started to highlight such accomplishments. So far, we’ve talked to students and scholars advocating for reproductive rights and drafting international laws. Future interviews will include researchers designing science training programs in for women in the Middle East.

The point of these interviews is to amplify the voices of women making an impact in their fields and to record the challenges of their work, the achievements they’ve made and the decision-making processes they’ve gone through to get to where they are now.


Amplifying voices of women is an important step in achieving gender equality. Check out the World Bank’s Voice and Agency, written by Jeni Klugman of the Harvard Kennedy School, for more practical steps for empowering women globally.

Also, look forward to more shows coming out monthly, and send us comments, ideas and suggestions at samataradio@gmail.com.




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