At Brooklyn Pride

20150613 Brooklyn PrideThis weekend, a cities around the US held their own LGBTQ+ Pride Parades. As a scientist and public health enthusiast, I love to walk by the community outreach and health center booths to see the flyers, kits, and condoms they pass out. The number of services and resources these centers provide to support healthy relationships are amazing and inspiring.

For example, the City of New York Department of Health had fliers about PrEP, a HIV preventative medication, its function, conditions for use, and resources the city has for support. The Center for Anti-Violence Education distributed self-defense tips and resources for LGBTQ+ youth with a list of rights and responsibilities: “I have the right…to be treated with respect and as an equal.”

We at Samata will take the time to get to know some of these organizations, their mission, and the communities they serve. Check out our podcasts on Soundcloud and Stitcher!


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