Tufts University $100k New Ventures Competition

        This spring, Samata was chosen as a finalist in the Tufts University $100K New Ventures Competition! It has been an amazing learning and growth experience for our small team. We accomplished much with support from advisers and friends – from developing a business plan, to networking with other entrepreneurs, and giving a pitch to impact-oriented investors. While we didn’t win a cash award, the feedback we received from judges and audience members was uniformly warm and encouraging.
PicMonkey Collage2
         One story in particular stands out: A lovely woman from Poland not only voted for us for the audience choice segment of the competition, but also actively campaigned for votes on our behalf! Others from around the world, including India and Nigeria, told us that our approach could make a difference in shifting attitudes towards gender relations in their home countries. Knowing that our mission resonates with so many people from diverse backgrounds has been both energizing and exciting as we move forward.
    Our competitors were amazing and most were well beyond the conceptual stage and actually generating revenue and implementing their solutions to daunting global issues. The second place winner has a distribution network that provides solar technology to remote areas of Nicaragua. The first place winner provides free tablets loaded with educational content to children in developing countries. Competing with such worthy and innovative business models continues to push us to work harder.

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